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94% of UK adults would rather live without sex than their mobile phone

Two thirds of young Britons claim they couldn’t live without their phone 65% of people asked said they couldn’t live without their phone and 53% admitted they’re addicted to their handsets 9% admitted they preferred their mobile phones to their children Daily Mail Οι Βρετανοί ζουν χωρίς σεξ, αλλά όχι χωρίς το


Upper class, middle-class, lower class

Cleese: (In bowler hat, black jacket and pinstriped trousers) I look down on him (Indicates Barker) because I am upper-class. Barker: (Pork-pie hat and raincoat) I look up to him (Cleese) because he is upper-class; but I look down on him (Corbett) because he is lower-class. I am middle-class Corbett: (Cloth cap


Lack of Mixing Taps in Britain

Deploring change is the unchangeable habit of an Englishman. —Raymond Postgate Another instance of native masochism blatantly manifesting itself is the high-and-low temperature segregation that is religiously followed even in some of the most non-racist and progressive households. This apartheid in water temperature eternalizes itself by means of the separate taps system,


Is that sign language you’re talking?

This is a story as related to me by a Greek student in the UK. She had been to a coffee place with a friend of hers who was Italian, and kept chatting away with her the Mediterranean way. At a certain point an English young man approached and asked them, in


The British class system revisited

Recently the BBC came up with a test (with the pretentious name of “Great British Class Survey”) so that every Brit could be able to ascertain the class they belong in. To start with, I could find it hard to imagine any other people or nation (especially when the initiative comes from one