Englishmen are notorious lovers

Englishmen are notorious lovers; it only takes the average man ten years to ask the woman he loves for a kiss. Sometimes he proposes to a girl in maybe a year and a half—but not marriage.
Peter Cagney, The Book of Wit and Humour, 2596

Good news for British men: there have never been so many attractive, single women from abroad looking for love. The bad news? They think you’re a lazy, unchivalrous, emotionally retarded and – eek – effeminate bunch.[…]
Even with the help of drink, our relationships progress at a tortoise pace that other nationalities find exasperating.[…]
Being so emotionally constipated, the British are unsurprisingly the heaviest users of social networking sites in Europe.[…]
With one of my exes, if we ever held hands in front of his parents, he’d tell me off for PDA. If they showed affection to each other, he’d squirm and say it was disgusting.
The trouble with British men

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