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Borat’s Guide to Britain



Lewd touching and handling maketh folk fall into the horrible sin of luxurie

Lewd touching and handling maketh folk fall into the horrible sin of luxurie Here “luxury” stands for “lust” and this line comes from a brilliant documentary “Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Middle Ages”. Favorite0


Keep your distance Mr Trudeau

High-five? Low-five? A British prince would never do such a thing… Favorite0


The drunks of Manchester

A picture of a raucous street in Manchester during New Year’s Eve celebrations has gone viral after social media users turned it into a series of hilarious memes. The original photograph – posted by Roland Hughes on Twitter – looks like a tableaux of drunkenness, with police grappling with a young man


Ministry of silly walks… put to shame!

I guess that this Buckingham Palace guard is getting his ideas from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Favorite0


30 Things British People Say and What We Actually Mean

Source: Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time by Rob Temple (Author) Favorite0


Drinking on holidays for the British: Hangover Holiday Campaign

I was not very much surprised when I read this: Favorite1


Tea and the British: Vera Drake

I consider Mike Leigh’s film Vera Drake a masterpiece. English actors I think are the best in the world and the performance of Imelda Staunton is extraordinary and suffused with humanity. Indeed, this kind of cinema with its profound sensitivity and humanity, acts as a foil to the pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, melodramatic ravings


British politeness?

To summarize, Brutish (im)politeness is not an easy phenomenon to define. It is inherently an endogenous fact, an indisputable state of heart, covered by the exogenous mask of a comprehensive formality repertoire which provides catch-words for every occasion—sadly enough, since a repertoire of corresponding emotional states which might generate polite behaviour are


Tea with milk and sugar Mr Beckham?

I was watching BBC World the other day and there was an interview with David Beckham. One of the things the lady asked him was about his tea habits (why would anybody need to know that?). — Tea with milk and sugar? — No just sugar. I know that sounds weird. To